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Investment opportunity for property developers and investors. Greenfield land property development project on Kefalonia island, Greece

Villa Brio Resort is a greenfield real-estate project on Kefalonia island in Greece, specially designed and intended to offer an unbeatable investment opportunity for the buy-to-let holiday market.

Villa Brio Resort has been innovatively designed as a holiday home community, completely in harmony with the natural environment and plenty of functional communal areas, sports facilities, café bar and fully management services.

It is a groundbreaking development of 70 independent three-bedroom villas of 100 sq.m each, occupying about 18 hectares (178,754 sq.m) of land, in Razata Village. A verdant hillside with sea views, 6 km from the island’s capital Argostoli and just a 10 minute drive from its most attractive beaches.

Each two-floor Villa will have access to a 2,000 sq.m private garden and a swimming pool. Designed harmoniously with its plot of land creating a beautiful yet practical holiday home.

Who we are and what we are aiming for…

We are the landowners of the Villa Brio Resort.

After many years of executive positions in the field of marketing and advertising, we decided to develop our own business in the holiday market.

We decided to invest in Kefalonia island due to its particular unspoiled beauty and non-mass tourism nature.

In 2005, we acquired three pieces of land and in 2010 developed two villa complexes in the Skala region of Kefalonia; Villa Brio and Villa Brio Exclusive. We are now proud to successfully enter the 9th year of profitable operation targeting the high-end of the holiday market.

Today, we are ambitious to start the third and largest project.

We are excited to develop the Villa Brio Resort and we invite investors to help us realize the opportunity, promising remarkable returns.

Kefalonia: ideal for vacation and investment

The island of Kefalonia named ‘the jewel of the Ionian sea’ has become an extremely popular holiday destination, while maintaining its original culture. Blessed with more than 300 days of sunshine a year and hot summer seasons with pleasantly fresh climate.

Plenty of international direct flights connect Kefalonia to most of Europe’s largest cities.

The island of Kefalonia, unlike several other parts of Greece, strategically followed a non-mass tourism approach developing a villa holiday offering. This places Kefalonia in a very advantageous market position, compared to other Mediterranean mass tourism destinations allowing the island to retain its local culture and traditions.

Opposed to restricting hotel rooms, the unspoiled character of Kefalonia attracts families and groups of friends preferring privacy, space and the affordable luxury of a private villa.

Villa Brio Resort: unbeatable investment

The upcoming “villa holiday” trend generates high demand for villas. In Greece there are no organized complexes of villas but only within the resort hotels, which target particularly high-income buyers.
Legislation in Greece restricts the construction on plots outside urban plans. Only plots of 4,000 sq.m or more are allowed to be constructed, with a maximum building capacity limited to 200 square meters per plot. In larger plots of land, villa developments larger than 200 sq.m are only allowed with the exclusive condition of being part of a hotel resort.

The fact that Villa Brio Resort consists of 36 adjacent plots, instead of a single land area, results in the unique opportunity to construct buildings of 7,200 sq.m in total.

Another unique advantage is the direct obtainment of separate building permits as opposed to the specially required permit when planning to build on a single large area. This would not only result in considerable delays but would also require the construction and ongoing operation of a hotel resort.
There have already been attained construction licenses for 2 of the 36 plots.
Despite the fact that Villa type accommodation in Kefalonia is more popular than hotel rooms, it currently faces shortage compared to demand levels.
In addition, there is a complete absence of an organized complex of villas in Kefalonia, with communal spaces, sports facilities and administrative services, while operating independently of a hotel unit. In fact, such absence is evident across all of Greece.
Villa Brio Resort is aiming to satisfy this need.
Please contact us to discuss all available investment opportunities.

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